Why Solar Panels Should Be Integrated Directly into A/C Units

Residential Solar Panels 300x225 Why Solar Panels Should Be Integrated Directly into A/C Units

     PV Grid Tie system    and    Off Grid System Integration

Who says you have to do one or the other–   why  not  both
Simply adding a pv grid tie at $ 5 per watt to offset an energy bill is absurd without looking at the  energy  consumption  first !

It would be like throwing water on a grease fire- It’s not going to save you money
Think about the numbers 
a panel will likely cut your eclectic bill 5/ month
20 panels for 100/month
20 panels x 250watts = 5000 watts = 25000 dollars to save 100/month average
that why the govs give so many incentives
solar a/c
4 to 5 thousand installed to save 100/month average
Do an  energy audit of your house. 
Check lights- heating and air- clothes dryer- dish washer -refrigerator- freezer
Make wise energy cuts !
Get the most energy savings devices you can get per dollar per watt saved
That means if:
 you can save 400 watts a month on upgrading a chandelier for a thousand dollars

It is a better investment than a pv grid tie investment
Easy math- that 1000 dollar home  improvement equals a  savings of  50/month
that would cost you 12.5 thousand for a pv system.
what is that 1,250% better rate of return
After all the home improvement including putting in a solar air conditioner
Then examine how many watts of electricity your using
Call you local pv installer and tell them you want a quote for going net zero
It should equal roughly 5/panel per month   if your going to be net zero financially
or  about 35 watts per month /panel if your doing this because your wanting to be a net zero environmentally wacko!