Solving real-world challenges!

Three words define Kingtec’s solar powered air conditioning solutions:

  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Efficient

KingtecSolar is not just simply about any solar powered air condition. If all you think your home or office needs is simply a “cooling box”, then perhaps you need to browse around our Products page and see the amazing products we have to offer. That will make you think beyond just a “cooling box” – guaranteed!

No, KingtecSolar is more than just an AC seller. We pride ourselves in offering total, eco-friendly, sustainable, solar fed air conditioning solutions.  What that means is you don’t just receive a box with some parts welded together that serves as your air condition. Our “green AC” solutions come from unique pedigree that’s well known to long-haul vehicle owners around the globe.

Our world renowned renewable energy solutions haven’t just arrived on the scene. When you own a Kingtec solar powered AC, you should be proud that you own a cooling solution that’s based  on the same precision engineering that goes into Kingtec DC-powered air-conditions that have served truckers, RV owners and mini-bus and van owners since 2009. That means many of the components used in the Kingtec solar air condition are battle tested under some of the most demanding conditions, and they are durable and built to last!

With Kingtec solar ACs, you get a practical approach to sustainable energy consumption. As long as there’s sun shining, our solutions will deliver 100% free AC. But there’s more, and here’s where our engineers have thought about being practical. The batteries built into our DC-based solutions means that 60–80% solar power is captured during off peak sun hours, providing additional opportunity for other off-grid power use if needed. For example, a battery bank can easily be connected to the solar AC system with a DC refrigerator/freezer, DC lighting, DC fans, and DC to AC inverter so there is always emergency back-up power.  And that’s what we mean by being practical!

But what good is a durable solution that has been engineered for practical use if it can’t run efficiently. Kingtec has you covered there too! Take for instance our off-grid ready Kingtec K25Z-4. This piece of engineering marvel is capable of running at an amazing 18.8 E.E.R off the grid. That’s a stunning 180% more efficient than a conventional “energy efficient” 2-ton split ductless unit. And where the rubber meets road, our efficient design is what saves consumers $$$.



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