Solar Air-conditioning – Power to the People!

All across the globe we are seeing and hearing of revolutions. Some are for democracy, others are for equality in social justice, and yet others are revolting for more equal distribution of wealth. Ordinary people are realizing that if there is change needed, then change needs to start at the grassroots.

Jamie At Show Solar Air conditioning   Power to the People!

Jamie Edens at the IBS (Las Vegas)

But there’s one revolution that’s raging even as I write this dispatch. Barely noticed by most of the world, the revolution for power – Solar POWER – was waged in all its splendor at the recently concluded International Builders’ Show (Las Vegas) and the AHR Expo (Dallas), where ordinary people from every continent (except Antarctica – I’m working on that one!) reached out to me and made their voices heard. They are craving for a good Solar Air conditioner!The message that I heard from ordinary people, about what they are looking for in an “ideal” solar powered AC, was unmistakeable: A simple piece of Solar air-conditioning technology that’s cheap to acquire and install, and even cheaper to run and maintain, and that can cool them even in the height of summer days or nights, when there is little or no sunlight.When we proudly demonstrated our Kingtec Solar air-conditioner models that we had on display at our booth to them, it was not at all surprising for us to see that they were convinced we meet all of their needs – and much more! We were especially ecstatic  to see how well we stacked up against some of the competition. The number one player in the Caribbean market had their best devices on show. Their units run at a staggering 42 to 60 cents/kWh – that’s over 500% less efficient than any of the Kingtec Solar air conditioners.

Of course we patted ourselves on the back!

Kingtec Solar air conditioners are built By the People for the People! Our solar powered ACs are built around a simple yet functional design. That’s what makes our ACs stand out amongst the competition. Even the president and CEO of Lenox Air-conditioning, who dropped by our Booth to take a look at what we had to offer, remarked about our design: “It can’t be that simple?”. Yes it can Mr. President. Yes it can!  You could see smiles of pride break out across the entire Kingtec team that were supporting our presence at the show.

We patted ourselves on the back some more…and this time we even did a victory dance. And why not!

Global concerns about the harmful effects of fossil fuels, and the damage that Co2 emissions are doing to our environment, are making countries and communities all over the world look to air condition usage – one of the biggest uses of electricity – as a possible way to reduce their carbon footprint. And solar powered ACs hold the key to making air conditioning affordable, even to the less affluent. That’s because it’s not just the environment but also our pocketbooks that can be saved by embracing renewable energy projects like Solar power.

Residents in the US Virgin Island for instance pay around $0.47 per kWh for oil-based electricity. Imagine running your air condition in those environments, and having to pay $800 to $1,500 in electricity bills! It’s no wonder that some of the visitors to our booth commented about how easy it is to own an AC in their countries, but how costly it is to operate them.

By contrast, some of the Kingtec Solar air-conditioner models (the K25Z-4, for instance) are  capable of running at an amazing 18.8 E.E.R off the grid. That’s a stunning 180% more efficient than a conventional “energy efficient” 2-ton split ductless unit!

As far as revolutions go, the Solar Power revolution is here to put the power of solar AC’s within the reach of all, not just the rich! And Kingtec Solar is cheering ordinary homeowners and businesses all the way.

Long live the revolution. Solar Power to the People!