Smoke break? Solar ACs can eliminate this!

Wow…this must be one nasty smoke break! Or perhaps there was a smoke party here and someone forgot to open the windows? Sadly, its neither! Don’t be fooled by the lone smoker in the foreground. The background was not his doing – not entirely nor intentionally of course.

ChinesePolution1 Smoke break? Solar ACs can eliminate this!

Earlier today (Feb 28th 2013), a BBC report highlighted the persistent smog and pollution levels hitting the Chinese city of Beijing. And sadly again, scenes like these are not restricted to the Chinese capital alone.

All across China and many developing countries, “smoke breaks” like these are a common sight. Environmental pollution and the release of toxic emissions like  Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous oxide (N2O), Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) , Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and other Greehhouse Gasses (GHGs) into the earth’s atmosphere are literally killing our planet. And the ever increasing use of air conditions, powered by coal and other fossil fuelled electricity generators, are the biggest culprits for exacerbating this situation.

But as the caption in the picture suggests, the World Health Organization has warned that these pollutants bring with them more than just foul smells and poor visibility. Respiratory infections, lung cancer and heart disease almost inevitably follow suit. So, what can we do to prevent such doomsday scenarios from coming true?

At Kingtec, we are committed to green living. We believe that our sustainable energy driven air conditioning solutions for homes and offices are the best way to proactively address situations like those currently unfolding in China and the rest of the world. Powered by solar energy, Kingtec’s solutions are based on durable, practical and energy efficient designs, and offer the most logical alternate to grid-based air conditions.  By switching to clean solar ACs, individuals, homeowners, small businesses and governments can all pitch in to reduce their respective carbon footprints. And that’s great for the environment!

And Kingtec ensures that what’s good for the environment is also good for you! How? By delivering you 100% FREE air conditioning during peak sunlight hours, and designing our systems such that 60%-80% of solar power is captured by on-board batteries for use during off-sunlight hours.

Whether it’s a horizontal or vertical Wall- mounted solution you are looking for, a Window-mounted off-grid ready unit, or a Split Ductless solution that fancies you, our engineers have designed something for every need. Easy to install and low on long-term maintenance, Kingtec’s products have been designed using some of the most reliable solar technology available. Many of the key components used have been inspired by our proprietary AC technologies that have been in use since 2009.

So the next time you turn on your grid-tied AC, take a moment to pause and ponder about your responsibilities to your children and their children. Switching to a solar powered, sustainable, green air condition solution isn’t too hard.  And the King of Solar AC Technology, Kingtec, is here to support you all the way!