Sleep Naked???

dog on sofa Sleep Naked???

this dog needs solar air conditioning

The green blogs best idea this summer  was in order to save electricity and the environment - was that we should cut the evil  air  conditioner off and sleep naked.  Do you believe the person that suggested this actually shut their air conditioner off?  -NO

Now we have a simple DIY project from Kingtec Solar .   - Harness the suns free power all day and enjoy sun powered coolness.    Nothing feels better on  a  hot day than feeling cold air blowing on your face. It will make you want to shout “free air conditioning”– Of course its not free but it nice not to be burning coal in order for your comfort.

What is the next great blog when its 110 deg and your electric meter is sucking you dry-

I got it-” Move North”-  Please put your suggesting for the next great green blog below,

Lets put humor on this wound and lets heal our worlds biggest problem.

Best invention ever invented for comfort and its destroying our wold. 1 billion people in India.  CFC’s and carbon based electricity to run them. WHAT-  Capitalism run amuck.

BTY- Keep your clothes on and enjoy solar air conditioning.