Window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4

Are you looking for a compact, convenient cooling solution for your home or office? If so, then Kingtech’s window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4 is your answer. A convenient window mounted AC, the K25Z-4 represents the Genesis of affordable, solar energy-powered solutions from Kingtec. Versatile in its design, and compact in its manufacture, the K25Z-4 is truly a “go green now!” solution for homes and offices everywhere.

But that’s not all that the window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4 is about. With its high efficiency solar power design, this AC is a dream come true for sustainable living advocates and enthusiasts alike. Light weight, at just 200 lbs, the K25Z-4 offers people on the move an ideal opportunity to “go green on the go”! With this solar energy-driven AC, Kingtec has made owning an air conditioner as simple and hassle-free as buying a toaster or a fridge from Home Depot or AJ Madison. Simply pick up your K25Z-4 and plug your photovoltaic solar panels into our AC and presto – you have FREE air conditioning anywhere you go!

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And we’re not done yet. There’s more…

Generations past have contributed greatly to Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and the impact they’re now having on climate change. Individuals concerned about their Carbon (CO2) footprint will find this part amazing! This sleek-looking off-grid ready window solar air conditioner runs at an unbelievable 18.8 E.E.R off the grid.  Now compare that efficiency of the K25Z-4 to the “efficiency” of a 2-ton split, and our solar powered K25Z-4 comes in at more than 180% efficient than any grid-powered AC systems available today.

And the K25Z-4 is a gift that keeps on giving!

You can even hook batteries to the unit for stand by emergency power and/or off grid applications. And since installing the window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4 qualifies as a solar project for home owners and renters alike, you are eligible for Federal and State renewable tax credits that you might have not been able to take advantage of with other forms of air conditioning projects.

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Window solar air conditioner Model K25Z-4

Kingtec has developed an affordable solar window air conditioner in a very green neat package. Here are some of the key details:

  • Price: $2,895 USD.
  • Cooling capacity: 16,000 BTU (4.7 kW of cooling capacity).
  • Power consumption: 850 watts.
  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): 22.5.
  • EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a measure of the BTUs of cooling capacity per watt of power consumed): 18.8.
  • Weight: 200 pounds (This is tremendous for a window air conditioner of this size! But it does contain extra parts for the solar setup).

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Photo Credit: Kingtec Solar


Affordable Solar Powered Air Conditioning in a Neat Little Package is Finally Here!

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