Main Benefits of Solar Air Conditioning

Normally, to solar power an air conditioner, you would have to buy an air conditioner, then a separate inverter, separate batteries, solar panels, and hire both an electrician and a building contractor to set up the system for you, and that costs a fair bit of money.

The first benefit: The primary advantages of a home solar-powered system are cost-related. Home solar power systems tend to cost $7 per watt in the United States (without tax credits), and around half of that cost is installation alone — that’s because you have to hire contractors to manually set up the electronics such as the batteries, panels, etc. . However, for situations where it works, there are some big advantages.

The second benefit: Solar panels tend to generate more electricity at the same time that air conditioner power consumption increases. The fluctuating power consumption of air conditioners (caused by weather variation) is a problem for the electricity grid because power plants are not able to adjust their power production quickly enough to meet power demand spikes.

Other benefits: While these two benefits by themselves are sufficient to justify a home owner’s investment in moving to off-grid air conditioning solutions, there are several other benefits of solar air conditioning that many home and office owners tend to ignore when considering their decision to embrace solar AC technologies.

solar air conditioners 300x235 Main Benefits of Solar Air Conditioning

  • Solar power for your air conditioner is generated entirely from eco-friendly technology. This means clean energy that’s entirely free from Co2 and other harmful emissions. As more and more nations embrace green technology, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be dramatically reduced. However, the first step towards this direction could be taken by individual home and office owners – by reducing their carbon footprint through the adoption of solar air conditioning.
  • Unlike power from the grid, the raw material to produce solar energy if FREELY available – and in abundance. We don’t need to import it. We don’t need to manufacture it. We don’t need to trade with other nations to gain access to it. It is all around us. All we need is the green technologies that harness its power to produce the electricity that run our off grid solar air conditions.
  • Unlike a grid powered air condition, aSolar powered AC is totally free from the bumps and spikes in electricity generation that produce brownouts and blackouts, often denying you the benefits of an AC when you need it the most – during hot and muggy days! You can get rid of the grid with your home or office solar air conditioning.
  • An off-grid solar air condition requires less frequent maintenance than conventional power-hungry grid tied air conditions.
  • While you neighbors moan and groan because their grid-locked AC isn’t working (courtesy of Black/Brown outs!), your solar powered AC will allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep – even when the sun isn’t shining. That’s because the eco-friendly design of solar air conditioning stores the sun’s energy in batteries, to be used when you need it the most!
  • Finally, solar air conditions can work anywhere, even in remote places where the power-grid has not found a home as yet.  Since these units are totally self-contained, independent of a power utility company, you can pretty much have air conditioning anywhere you want!