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The best way for us to reach out and educate our customers, our community and potential clients is through participation in local, regional and global solar powered air conditioning events. At Kingtec, we don’t look at such participation as purely a marketing or sales effort. Our objectives for participating in such events are much more lofty. We want to bring home the message of sustainable energy solutions to every individual that we come in contact with.

When you find us at solar powered air conditioning events such as the NAHB International Builders Show (IBS), we don’t just showcase our cutting solar technology solutions.  And when you visit us at premier events such as the AHR Expo, we don’t simply talk about our awesome product line.  Instead, our solar power AC experts field questions from common folks like you about the impact of Global warming, the effect of Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) on the environment, and how solar energy can help to combat those challenges to mankind.

And at almost all of the global solar powered air conditioning events that we have participated in, many of you have come up to us to talk about more pressing issues – such as the spiralling cost of running a home or small business, and what Kingtec solutions can do to help you. Well we are proud to say that we have never disappointed on this score either!

Visitors walk into our booths with concerned frowns on their boroughs.  But when they learn that Kingtec has solutions that can deliver them FREE air condition use during sunlight hours, we see them smile. And when we tell them they can harness 60%-80% of the sun’s energy even in cloudy periods, they walk away with a grin on their face! And that’s well worth all of the time and effort our team puts into our participation in these solar powered air conditioning events!

Kingtec Solar to Showcase Solar Powerered Air Conditioner in Australia’s Clean Energy Week Event

Melbourne, Australia, July 9th, 2013:  Kingtec Solar, a recognized leader in solar powered air condition technology, is pleased to announce its participation in events at the Clean Energy Week, Australia’s largest solar event. Following its exceptional success last year (2012) in Sydney, where over 2500 delegates from local and international organization participated; this year’s events take place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 24th to 26th.   

In keeping with Kingtec’s commitment to promote the best of renewable power solutions, we will be highlighting a number of our clean energy-based alternative air conditioning models at the event. Whether it’s a Window-mounted unit, a Split ductless unit or an RV Roof Top AC, Kingtec has the ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications. This is your best opportunity to learn more about sustainable energy air conditioning, and to see how these remarkable pieces of engineering work up close and personal! Don’t miss out!  

Our participation in Australia’s Clean Energy Week comes on the heels of the tremendous success we enjoyed at two premier events in the US, the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, and the AHR Expo in Dallas TX. Both events brought significant worldwide attention and appreciation for our innovative air condition designs and power-saving technology, prompting inquiries from interested contractors, resellers and homeowners from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America.

And like those 2 events, we are confident of garnering tremendous enthusiasm for our off-grid ready solar air conditions at Clean Energy Week too.  Kingtec’s current PV solar air conditioner line-up includes:

  • K25FT – Solar Split Ductless

  • K25CJ – Solar Window Air Conditioner

  • K25DZ – Solar RV Roof Top AC

and have special significance for businesses and homeowners in areas hit by constant blackouts or rolling brownouts. 

Kingtec Solar’s unique PV-powered air conditioners are designed with simplicity and economy in mind, and are built to run using free and abundant solar renewable energy. We deliver 100% zero energy consumption for up to 7 1/2 hours on as little as 1000 watts of solar panels for a 16000 BTU AC. These air conditioners feature tri-energy inputs from any combination of solar, grid or batteries and can run in three modes: Energy Saving, Off Grid, or Hybrid.

And while you get a durable renewable energy solution, you not only save the planet by reducing your personal CO2 footprint, but also save on energy bills. Our air conditioners will run 100% on solar with grid or batteries!

On behalf of Kingtec Solar, we welcome all participants, delegates and visitors at Clean Energy Week, and invite you all to drop by and visit us. Our knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to greet you and explain all the features that our diverse range of solar-powered air conditioners have to offer.

Find Us At The World’s Largest HVACR Event

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For just three days test-drive the latest energy efficient and sustainable HVACR technology all under one roof, all at one time.

AHR Expo Find Us At The Worlds Largest HVACR EventOver 1,800 leading manufacturers and innovative new suppliers will all be in Dallas to showcase their latest products and systems, building automation and controls, software and services, and more. Coupled with a powerful line-up of association meetings, educational and networking opportunities, no other event drives the HVACR industry forward to meet the demands for a greener planet. That’s why nearly 30,000 contractors, engineers, distributors, facility managers, OEMs and other HVACR professionals are expected to attend from around the world! More