Welcome! You are about to take your very first step to becoming part of a truly globally recognized brand in providing solar air conditioning solutions. When you join our family you will:

  • unlock the potential of your business to earn huge profits through Kingtec solar air conditioning solutions
  • get unlimited technical support from our team of solar air conditioning experts
  • have opportunities for extensive marketing collaboration
  • receive news articles, media notes and Press Releases
  • have great opportunities for internet marketing of all Kingtec’s solar air conditioning solutions

In addition, as part of the Kingtec “inner circle”, you’ll have access to a globally respected product line of solar air conditioning solutions, and receive tremendous support from us in everything you do for your clients on our behalf.

We value the interest you’ve shown by coming to this webpage, just like we value your time. That’s why we’ve made this registration process as simple and painless as possible. Here’s what you need to do to get started on your application to become a dealer / distributor / installer of Kingtec’s solar air conditioning solutions:

1. Download our short (one page) Application form using one of the links provided below

For your convenience, we’re providing the Application form in four different formats. Click on either one of the format names below to download the form in the format of your choice, and become a Distributor / Dealer / Installer:

  • Click here to download a Microsoft Word document version of the application
  • Click here to download a Microsoft Word Template version of the application
  • Click here to download an Open Office Writer version of the application
  • Click here to download a PDF version of the application

2. You may fill up the form on your computer and save a copy of it on your local hard drive. Or you may print out a copy to fill it manually/by hand

3. If you’ve filled out the form electronically, simply email a saved copy to info@kingtecsolar.com

4. If you prefer to send us a paper copy:

  • Fax it to us at: (650) 472-8091
  • or mail the original to: 1165 E. Acacia Court, Unit A&B Ontario, CA 91761

5. Once we receive your application, someone from our office will review it immediately and get back to you with additional questions, if necessary

6. If all’s good, you should expect to receive a Dealership Status Letter from us within a short time. We will mail the letter to the address you provide us in your Application form

We look forward to working with you and wish you all a bright and prosperous future with our Kingtec family!

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