A commitment to excellence to our customers and our planet

At Kingtec, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of perfection in every solar powered AC that we design and produce. That means our customers have the peace of mind knowing that we have your back! When you buy one of our eco-friendly solar-powered ACs, we want you to feel that you haven’t just bought a “box”, but that you also acquire a long-standing Kingtec commitment to excellence as well.

The Kingtec range of products has been especially designed with that commitment in mind. Our customers have told us exactly what they expect from us – Durability, Practicality and Efficiency. And that’s exactly the commitment we’ve built into our Kingtec range of solutions.

But our commitment to stand behind our products doesn’t only extend to you, our loyal customers. We at Kingtec are also committed to sustainable energy solutions for the good of our planet too. That’s why our renewable solar power technologies are built to the highest levels of efficiency available today. That means, every time a customer turns on a Kingtec solar air condition in the home or office, they release less CO2 and Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) than a conventional on-the-grid AC.  By helping our customers drastically reduce their carbon footprint, Kingtec is fulfilling a commitment to produce green technologies that will further a global agenda for sustainable living.

And of course, in today’s world of austerity and frugality, where would we be if we weren’t committed to helping our customers save on electricity bills. Thanks to our remarkable product engineers, Kingtec solar powered ACs are designed to deliver 100% FREE air conditioning while the sun shines. And during off peek sun hours, we still maintain that commitment by capturing 60-80% solar power in our specially designed on-board batteries.

So while we are committed to helping save our planet, we are also committed to helping you save. It’s that simple!

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