A split ductless AC marvel unveiled to the world

Kingtec kicked off 2013 with a big bang, unveiling 5 new models of our products at two of America’s most prolific home building and HVAC product exhibitions, the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) and the AHR Expo 2013 at Las Vegas and Dallas respectively.  Combined, these two exhibitions boast visitor-ship in the 100,000 range, including home builders, HVAC professionals and home and business owners  alike, and the Kingtec booths at both venues saw our fair share of eager and enthusiastic visitors.

ahr 20132 A split ductless AC marvel unveiled to the world

One of the centres of attractions at AHR was clearly the Kingtec K25FT-4 split ductless, which visitors to our booth took immense interest in. One of the main reasons that this revolutionary solar powered AC raised eyebrows (along with plenty of “wow’s”) was the elegant looks and its all-enclosed sleek design.  Available as horizontal and vertical installations, and offering cooling capacities of 16000 and 32000 BTUs,  the K25FT-4 is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance.

32 k verticle ac 300x175 A split ductless AC marvel unveiled to the world

Kingtec 3200 BTU ductless split verticle solar powered AC

And unlike conventional central air conditions, installing the K25FT-4 is literally a breeze. Visitors to our booth loved the fact that they wouldn’t need to break down walls or install yards of ducting and vents in order to make this split ductless solution work. Its 3100 RPM compressor is powerful enough to cool a fair sized room, and with adequate insulation, even larger rooms can very easily be cooled without breaking a sweat.

With a global environmental meltdown looming, more and more home and business owners are turning to sustainable AC designs to try and minimize their carbon footprint. Conceived and designed as a truly energy efficient solution, the K25FT-4 uses cutting edge green technologies and proven components for all of its major sub-systems. It’s photovoltaic design allows you to benefit from 100% FREE air conditioning during peak sunlight, while high-efficiency onboard batteries help store between 60% and 80% of the sun’s energy for off-peak usage.

As a company, at Kingtec, we are extremely conscious about our responsibilities towards our planet.           The effects of harmful environmental emissions from coal fired, electricity-driven grid-powered air conditions, like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous oxide (N2O) and Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), are well documented.  That’s why we’ve designed the K25FT-4 to use one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerant available – R143A/1.43.

If you are looking for a durable, practical and efficient solar powered AC solution that can be quickly installed with minimum architectural challenges, then Kingtec’s K25FT-4 split ductless is your answer. Our solutions not only help you save the planet, but also help you save!